Recent Before & After Photos

Dishwasher Fail

These local customers had a leak in their dishwasher. They started the cycle, left their home and returned to a flooded kitchen. SERVPRO of Northwest Ontario ar... READ MORE

We are the ones to call

This Ontario, California home had a major water leak causing damage throughout the entire space including the living room and kitchen. We not only cleaned the w... READ MORE

Time for an upgrade

A water pipe burst and quickly filled the home of these poor customers. There was even water flowing outside. Interior and exterior wall were saturated. But the... READ MORE

More flooding

This dining room fell victim to a pipe burst in the laundry room causing major damage to all the flooring. They were hoping to salvage the hard wood but in the ... READ MORE

Kitchen Fire

A local family experienced a devastating fire in their kitchen. They were so shaken up yet relieved that nobody was injured and the fire was isolated to the kit... READ MORE

Fire in the living room

This living room caught fire after leaving a candle lit on the table. It was a devastating experience for our customers but thankfully nobody was injured. They ... READ MORE

Warehouse flood

When one pipe opened spraying water over this 30,000 sq. ft. warehouse dust and mud filled the entire space including bathrooms, crevices and office space. They... READ MORE

Protecting your home

After this water leak our customers were so stressed out. They did not know how they were going to resolve the issue with busy schedules, kids, and other life h... READ MORE

Mold in the Office

This commercial business had a water leak that was undetected for a long period of time which resulted into a mold issue. SERVPRO of Northwest Ontario was conta... READ MORE

Office Disaster

This office space had a leak in their toilet pipe. Luckily it only water and wasn't contaminated. Regardless, SERVPRO of Northwest Ontario was called and came i... READ MORE